About us

GO WATCHES is not just an online watch store. It all starts with a story about a dream. Let us tell you.

Back in 1989, a little boy takes his first steps and the first thing he touches on his toddler is a watch. After a few years, he understood that clocks were more than a functional timekeeping mechanism. This boy didn't own an expensive watch, but he still kept collecting them and secretly dreaming of a better quality copy of one of the brands he had read about in the magazines.

Disassembling one of his first budget watches, he realized that watches are a PASSION, a unique form of personal expression and curiosity about the world. So the boy grew up and in 2017 he created his own business. It is called GO WATCHES.

And because passion is above all HAPPINESS, his mission today is to give you the watch you dream of, at the best price! Well, because he was in your place.

Now do you understand why this store is for true watch connoisseurs? :)))